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I believe…

paradox is sexy

everything has an energy

walking barefoot is life enhancing

liberation is our birthright

devotion is the new discipline

that the word “fuck'“ has magical powers

when one woman rises we all rise

stories, laughter, song, dance, and silence are the forgotten doctors

deep listening + full attention are some of today’s highest-value currencies

I believe the work we take up for ourselves will always ripple outwards in all directions — to our ancestors, the land we live on, all of those still walking this plane, and the next seven generations

It is an honor to share your journey with you.


Hello. I’m Sophia! It’s amazing to meet you!

So, this is me… (and my little empress in training)

My First name is Jacqueline, middle name Noelle and Baptismal name is Sophia

Married name Rizk which means Nourishment from God.

Veil walker, Oracle, and holder of ancient wisdom.

Functional meets energetic medicine shaman.

`Space holder with a passion for heart-centered leadership.

Matrix Changer with a Warrior Queen spirit.

Relentless pursuer of truth.

Embodiment trainer. Intuitive mentor. International Speaker

Fierce mama bear of an angel, an empress, and a warrior.

ICC certified coach, science geek, wellness guru.

Globetrotter. Lived in 17 states (and visited 47), Studied in Spain, Lived in Asia, Europe and the Middle East and traveled everywhere in between.

Snake charmer. Cacao lover. Voracious reader.

Taurus Sun, Leo Moon, Pisces rising. 


Who am I?

I help women uplevel their lives by uncovering the truths of who they are at the core, creating profound results in their lives, businesses and relationships. I believe everything in this world is energy and getting to the root of desire causes a powerful ripple that spans all areas of life.  My approach is super intuitive and creative - “a little woo-woo, a little Wu Tang”, you know? Creating a“plan” or “roadmap” that every single client experiences identically isn’t my style. You deserve to be truly known and seen and connected with before WE unravel where you need and want to go.
And, it’s important that you know that I’ve GOT you.

You’ll hear me talk about “the pursuit of humanness” a lot. Being in “the work” - another super sexy thing we’re saying these days to describe the journey of boldly coming home to ourselves - can mean we’re in the pool a lot, right? Like we’re setting goals and writing visions and manifesting and declaring and expanding and ascending, and and and…

Energetically speaking, we’re just not meant to stay there all the time… 

Because you are a cosmic soul in a magical body!

Together we will tune in and turn on your feminine gifts to create wild freedom in every area of your life – your body, your business, your bedroom- YOUR LIFE.


What makes me tick?

Just like me, my "bio" and "titles" are always evolving. So, to try to pin them down into a pretty box is just a wee bit pointless.

I am first and foremost, a human. And that is something I try to cultivate more and more acceptance and approval for everyday. Because this whole being human thing is not always easy.

I am also an Intuitive Mentor, Writer, and Guide through the processes of the Akashic Records, Ontological coaching, energetic healing methods like Theta healing, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Body and Emotion Codes, Somatic Experiencing, NLP and the inner world. I also use Human Design and Numerology. Sometimes I see myself as a bridge between people and planets. Other times I see myself as nothing but a mirror, who continues to hone and harness the skills of seeing, reflecting, and guiding with integrity. (I am a Projector in the Human Design system so I am quite literally designed to see into people very deeply, reflect back what I am seeing, and offer guidance — if invited to do so.)

I spent my life as a nomad or “gypsy” and still find myself, my soul’s whispers and my inspiration from the land upon which I walk. When I look back, my entire life has been guided by the wisdom of both the cosmic and natural world and those who speak its language.

I am most excited by the “shadow” pieces of ourselves and the human experience that we've been programmed to hide — unexpressed desires, death, shame, intimacy, sexuality, money, the womb, grief, truth-telling, the shadow, et cetera. I find that in working with these repressed or forgotten pieces, we open ourselves to liberation, call back our power, and touch the holy primordial core of humanness.

I bring a grounded earth-based wisdom to my work with a definitive cosmic influence. My desire for myself and our entire Earth-family is not ascension but rather embodiment, really grounding the fullness of our spiritual potential making our human experiences a reflection of our divine nature while aligning with our starseed origins. I continue to find that the most potent magic available to us, lives in the natural world and the messy, raw, unfiltered human experience. 



- Studied Traditional Herbal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Seoul, South Korea

- Reiki Master Certification

- Graduated with honors, MSc Molecular Biosciences University of Coventry & DSc. Clinical Nutrition

- Studied and certified in Master Level Neurolinguistic Programming

- Studied and certified in Kinesiology and Somatic Experiencing therapy

- Spent 8 years working and traveling Asia, learning energetic and Earth-based modalities throughout Indonesia, India, Thailand, Japan, Korea and China

- Learned to read the Akashic Records, conduct Divine Soul Blueprint Alignments, Soul Retrievals and Master Level Theta Healing.

- Studied and became certified in Ontological Coaching, Reconnective Healing, Emotion Code and Body Code

- Studying (this includes various books, courses & trainings) + reading Human Design for 4 years

- Studying (this includes various books, courses & trainings) + reading Numerology for 12 years

- Student in Carolyn Elliott’s, INFLUENCE

mommy and son.jpg


- Student Dave Burns’ and Carolyn Elliot's MONEY
- Dedicated to fully inhabiting my body
- Takes consistent social media fasts
- Always returning to the wisdom of the Earth
- Continuously immersed in shadow integration
- Committed to remembering the old ways
- Consistently absorbed in the spiral dance of healing
- An ongoing obsession with Carl Jung, ancestry, plant medicine, myth, archetypes, planets, dance & magic
- Student of the Buti Yoga dance practice
- Raising a young warrior and an empress to be conscious leaders.


Choose Your


If you…

  • are repeating negative patterns over and over and don’t know why.

  • are at a crossroads in your life

  • have a desire to connect with, to know and to align with your life’s purpose

  • have recurring health challenges that seem to have no root

  • searching for healing from unresolved physical, emotional or mental trauma

  • need wisdom and guidance on an impending or desired life change

If you…

  • feel like there’s more room for life in your life

  • are ready to switch out of auto-pilot to full on, break old habits, and make conscious decisions towards a life on purpose.

  • are yearning for more awakened relationships

  • are ready to be fully expressed in who you really are

  • are ready to create wild freedom in every area of your life- your body, business & bedroom

  • just need the right tools and support to get there