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Soul Realignment & Clearing

Do any of these challenges sound familiar to you?

"I am constantly procrastinating and self-sabotaging my own happiness and success, I wonder if I have a block from a past life."

* * *

"I am tired of trying to please others and make everyone around me happy, it's just not working, I am not happy!"

* * *

“I struggle with health challenges that seem to have no root and nobody has figured out why!”

* * *

"It seems like I am beating my head against an invisible wall whenever I try to manifest new results."

* * *

"I am finding it hard to move on from my past and make peace with my childhood traumas."

* * *

"I can not stand the negativity and shallow conversations, I feel alien to this strange world, can't wait to get out of here!"

* * *

"I have no idea what my life purpose is. Is there something I suppose to be doing? Do I have a gift that this world needs?"

* * *

"I am so confused about everything, everyone seems to have an opinion, but I don't know what my own truth is."

* * *

"I am searching for a deeper meaning of life but the amount of information out there is overwhelming. Where is the truth?"

* * *

"There has to be a reason why my life has turned out this way, but I have no idea what it all means, I just know it sucks."

* * *

"I have a great fear of ....., I can't understand why, could it be a past life issue?"

* * *

"I am dreaming about creating something that I could be proud of but I don't believe I am good enough."

* * *

"I am trying to improve and stay positive but my family and friends are so unsupportive and negative, I can't stand their drama anymore!"

* * *

"I think I am a star seed, I would love to know where my soul comes from."

These are some of the most common frustrations my clients struggle with when they contact me asking for help.

The key to self-mastery ~ and mastering our human experience ~ is Self-knowledge!

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Just Imagine…

...having your BIG life questions answered, feeling at PEACE with your past!

...understanding YOUR life PURPOSE, finding PASSION for life!

...family and friends complimenting your new CONFIDENCE and ENERGY!

...old shame & guilt lifted off of you, no more feeling down for months!

...knowing your worth and receiving RESPECT from others!

being COMFORTABLE with your life decisions, no more hesitation!

...BEING ACTION-TAKER, taking each next step with a determined mind.

...feeling truly HAPPY regardless of any circumstances!

...living life on YOUR TERMS!


The Akashic Records can give you

the profound wisdom, guidance & direction you are looking for.

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The Akashic Records are…

a 5th dimensional blueprint of your Soul’s past, present & potential future life histories.

They contain essential information on your signature soul essence, family, origin & purpose, as well as the record of all your karmic choices throughout your many lives.

Connecting to the wisdom of your Soul through an Akashic Records Reading can help you:

Clear past life energies, blocks & restrictions

Gain deeper wisdom & understanding of relationships in your life

Upgrade your subtle bodies, to express your full potential

Understand karmic lessons in challenging situations

Receive powerful guidance on how to best move forward in your life & career

Experience the hidden mysticism of your Soul & connect to your True Essence


If you are at that point when you question everything in your life,

it may be the right time for you to discover who you truly are, at Soul-level!

Choose your journey:

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Essential Soul Akashic Record Reading

The Essential Soul Reading is a basic (but comprehensive) soul profile and past life reading, focused on clearing patterns that are keeping you tethered to your current path. It includes a reading of your soul origin, gifts, energy & purpose, along with a reading of past lives, energetic attachments, vows, + contracts to be cleared that hold you back in your life. Great for your first reading or when you need clarity on a specific question/decision/issue in your life.

  • General Soul Profile

  • 90-minute Recorded Session

  • Time for Questions at the End

  • Clearing + Healing Practices Included

  • This is a great starting point for those on the self discovery journey, it can be quite intense.

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Unmaking your potential

Life Situation Reading

Do you have problems that won’t seem to budge?

Do you find yourself in similar situations again and again no matter how hard you try to get out of the cycle?

If so, the Universe has brought you here for a reason…  It’s time to let go of the old and start anew!

In a Life Situation Reading, I will access your akashic records to find the root cause of your problems (in present and past lives), then clear away the energetic patterns that are causing your issues.

In this reading you will:

  • Learn why certain problems are appearing in your life;

  • Discover why you can’t push past certain problems;

  • Understand why you keep finding yourself in similar scenarios;

  • Energetically clear the blocks and restrictions that are holding you back.

  • Receive instruction so that you don’t fall back into the same energetic patterns again!

  • 60- minute Recorded Session

  • Time for questions at the end

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Energetic Matrix Reading

At this level you are accustomed to the process. This is where we learn about our Energy Matrix, the way we process information and knowledge, this is where we start to be affected in our current physical life such as Genetic Karma, Code Corruptions, Ancestral Vows and beliefs and even Parallel Time Lines. These are the final steps to Your Divine Self.

  • A Karmic Pattern Reading that will also bring up the physical incarnation

  • A Code Corruption Reading

  • A Parallel Time Line Reading

  • Your Energetic Matrix

  • 90-minute Recorded Session

  • Time for Questions at the End

  • Clearing + Healing Practices Included

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Sacred Union Reading

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Sacred Union Reading

The Sacred Union Reading is for you if you are seeking Sacred Relationship, and would like to know if someone is your twin flame or soulmate- or would like clear the way for Sacred Love to manifest in your life. This reading addresses any unresolved wounds, energies, chords, beliefs, vows or attachments that are blocking you from receiving/creating Sacred Relationship in your life. It can also address the karmic lessons affecting couples in Sacred Relationship, supporting you to transcend blocks & restrictions to manifest a purer reflection of Sacred Love. 

Determine if someone is your Twin Flame, Soulmate, or Original Soulmate through the Soul Family

  • Understand & clear karmic issues affecting your relationship

  • Prepare your heart & soul for Divine Soul Life Partner

  • Heal underlying blocks to Twin Flame or Soulmate Union (for couples)

  • 90minute Recorded Session with time for questions at the end

  • Healing practices, prayers & affirmations included for manifesting Sacred Relationship in your life.

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Couple or Single:
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