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Intuitive Coaching

Where Light + Shadow Connect + Align.

Why do I offer these sessions?

I offer these sessions because, after many modern-day initiations, I am grounded in the knowing that if willingness is present, I can catalyze both subtle and massive transformation in people’s lives. I guide because I am (literally) designed to and have a gift of deeply seeing into you — all of you — and facilitating your energy in its most powerful direction. I guide because the medicine of being seen, heard, and accepted — in all of our humanness — is a necessary one on the planet today. I guide, not because I see myself as better, more evolved, or someone who has all the answers but because I understand the power in another human holding space for your healing, your process, and your wild magnificence to emerge.

Selfishly, I guide because this is some of the most confronting work I have ever done & it allows me to be consistently “worked by my work.” It serves as a powerful mirror into my own internal landscape while, simultaneously holding me to a high degree of integrity, vulnerability, devotion, compassion, humility, and awareness.

In order to create the life we desire, we need to be willing to be 100% out about who we are, what we want, and what we believe. We need to look at the places where we abandon ourselves or hide our truths in order to gain love, approval or validation that exists outside of us.

I’m going to (we’re going to) form really solid foundation beneath us (you) by honoring the entire vibrational scope of being a physically embodied person. AND - I will never tell you not to feel your pain. I will never simply redirect your “negative” thought to a “positive” one. I will never tell you that you shouldn’t be angry. I will never tell you that you should go read some self-help book instead of watching Grey’s Anatomy. As far as I’m concerned, both are important and downright medicinal.

I WILL listen for and bring voice to what needs to be spoken.

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I WILL bring the inside, out.

I WILL meet you in empowered, steady gentleness.

I WILL hold you accountable.

I WILL always ask a question before I give an answer - because that’s yours for the finding.

I WILL offer you a toolkit for authentic, creative, choice-based living.

I WILL give you permission to be exactly who you are and call out your false narratives.

I WILL ask how your heart is and where you are in space and in your body.

I WILL be right here - for you and alongside you.

And yes I WILL drop F bombs and watch Netflix and eat pizza and be just as human as you. With you.

We need both light & shadow

both joy, and sadness.

both forgiveness, and accountability.

both empowerment, and uncertainty.

both compassion, and anger.

both consciousness, and humanness.

both kale and cocktails.

both light, and shadow.

Unveiling and integrating your shadow self can be the fuel to ignite your passion and creativity. When we stop trying to hide out or uphold a “good girl mask” we can redirect that energy to real magnificence!

What happens in these sessions?

I hold space for you to tap into your most alive, connected, wild, empowered human self. I do not have a one-size-fits-all method that I take clients through but rather, attune myself to your energy and the timeline of your human experience, feeling into the most powerful direction. As a space holder, I am not here to offer you a model of “what’s worked for me.” Rather, I am here to take in your energy, reflect what I am seeing, and offer guidance based on the intricacies of your uniqueness.

Something special about these sessions is that, with your permission, I will have Akashic records on hand. Whenever I feel it to be poignant and impactful, I will bring their wisdom into the session. I will also recommend any plant medicines and offer nutritional advice and recommendations I feel would be allies to whatever season of the human experience you find yourself in.

My guidance revolves around cultivating deep levels of intimacy with our internal and external landscapes.

Ready to get into alignment?

here are some examples of topics we can work through:

  • identity

  • sexuality

  • vision + goals

  • relationships (intimate, familial, platonic, professional, etc)

  • conscious communication in all arenas of your life

  • grief, pain, shame

  • leadership development

  • worthiness

  • embodiment

  • spirituality

  • intimacy + vulnerability

  • communication + boundaries

  • connection with divine feminine in balance with the divine masculine

  • fostering total-approval for all parts of your human experience; this includes the messy, taboo, crunchy stuff

  • abundance blocks, cultivating a healthy relationship with money and success


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Email Session

Sometimes a quickie can get the job done, am I right?

Email coaching is a great way to get laser focused guidance on a few specific topics with the convenience of a coach at your fingertips.

  • Send me a detailed message with what’s going on for you and what you’re requesting guidance on.

  • I’ll respond with my perceptions, reflections, and most importantly questions for you to deepen your awareness and activate your own inner wise guide.

  • Plus any books, links, talks, podcasts and other resources that would be useful tools and support based on what we discuss.

  • You get two total communications from me. A response to your original message, and another reply to any questions or whatever other stuff comes up for you after you receive that coaching email.

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1:1 Coaching

What’s happening in the space between where you are now and where you want to be? In our 1:1 work, it’s my job to ask questions and offer perspectives that create the conditions for you to be the wise guide as you journey inward and find out what alignment means, looks and feels like for you.

Get to know what “alignment” means at the real, true center of you and declare + define your values

  • Hold conscious, grounded space for your truth to be vocalized, held and integrated towards wholeness

  • Find what is brave, steady, worthy + capable in you

  • Clarify what you desire and create aligned + inspired action steps

  • Recommendations for books, talks, podcasts, and other content for you to learn and expand from

  • 75 minutes recorded with session and notes sent to you after the session.

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Intuitive Coaching Containers

The package deal, baby.

Awaken to your unconscious stories, blocks and patterns

  • Peel back the curtain and see into where you’re placing your power

  • Attune to the wisdom of your body as your most precious ally in self-awareness and intuitive, aligned living

  • Assess that “gap” space between now and your vision + create action around what is needed to compassionately + courageously close it

  • Gain tools to use every day to check your alignment and come home to yourself and your truth in the now.

  • 3, 6, & 12 month containers available