Intuitive Reading - Zoom Session

Intuitive Reading - Zoom Session

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Sophia works as a clear channel to assist you in gaining guidance from your higher self, higher guidance system, and “spiritual team”. Sophia moves into an altered, meditative state prior to and during your session, allowing her higher guidance system to show her pictures, images, metaphors, guides, totem animals and stories that assist you in better understanding the messages from Spirit, and your higher guidance system including your “spiritual team” .

The insights gathered should confirm what you already know and open you to greater wisdom on how to move forward in your life. The readings open a space for healing and trust of Spirit’s path for you, and how to gain objectivity in your life.

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Shhhh. Silence your mind and let your inner guidance speak.

Sophia will, through connecting with your energy, be able to pinpoint certain areas in your life that may need some psychic guidance. She will be able to help you with your pathway in life and how things may change for you. However, you have to remember that everyone in life has free will and what Lisa may see for your future can change, depending upon the decisions that you make for yourself in life. Nothing is set in stone!

With this reading, Sophia will try within the time to look at your career, health, personal life, relationships with friends and family; any aspect of your life that really needs attention.

These are real-time readings where you and I get to look at the questions or concerns you have over our Zoom session. You'll be able to ask questions and get clarification as your personal reading unfolds.


+ Wherever you are stuck and unable to make decisions

+ Patterns in your life that are blocking you from attracting a partner or finding happiness in your existing one

+ Ready to launch a business?  When and how to quit your day job. How best to elegantly launch your business.

+ Aligning with your soul's purpose and core desired feelings in order to maximize career growth 

+ Your money story and path to abundance.

+ And so much more...


  • A recording of our 60 minute phone call (.mp3) that you can refer back to

  • Personalized suggestions and recommendations regarding your situation

  • An image (or images) of cards or other tools pulled for your specific reading

  • One week follow up email to check in


▽ For complex issues, I ask that you schedule a complimentary Magical Life Clarity Call before or after booking a reading so that we can drop in, connect & see what's present for you & what's wanting to emerge in the reading. Please schedule the call at least two days before your reading. 

▽ Sessions are held via phone, Skype or Zoom.

▽ You will receive a recording of the audio after the session. Recordings are not guaranteed. (Only if conducted by Zoom do we have a recording) If your reading is not recorded, there is no refund; you are investing in the consultation, not the recording.

▽ If you feel called to this work & the price is not within your current range, please contact me to discuss options. 

Once you have booked in your reading, I will email you and schedule a short chat and your reading within 12 hours.

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 Questions? Not sure if this is the right service for you? Email me at for assistance. I'll be happy to guide you to the right service that best fits your situation or need. 


At the end of our private consultation, you'll walk away with knowing exactly what to do, what to focus on, and the confidence to pull off your own magic.