The Akashic Records as a Roadmap to Happiness

I have always been passionate about the human brain and how the mind works, especially our subconscious, and how we can leverage its power to supercharge changes in our life… and I actually have amazing tools to do just that. Unfortunately I have noticed many times that the problem lies in clients not knowing what changes they want to make in the first place, so there is not much to supercharge at all…

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What are the Akashic Records? (And How They Can Help You)

In the ‘cosmic consciousness’ there’s a history of your life since the creation of your soul, a unique expression of Source, every event, situation and choice and even the emotions that accompanied them. All that has ever happened, and will happen is recorded in the Akashic Records – and that applies to all of us. The records contain information about our souls, including its past, present and future. And the records give answers about what we are doing here, incarnated on earth. We call this the Akashic Records.

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Full Super Blood Moon in Leo (and a Lunar Eclipse too...)

Think of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, this blotting out of the Moon, as a reset, as a cleansing, as a doorway at the end of a long stairway, waiting for you to open it and slip on through to the other side. Like a lion whose been slowly, silently, stalking through the night, ready to leap from the shadows and into the light.

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Winter Rituals: 4 Easy Ways to Connect to Your Divine Feminine

We are full in the Feminine side of the Yearly Cycle ; the season of Yin energy.

As I stated above Yin/Feminine energy is restful. Its receiving instead of doing. It’s letting go & being in the moment. It’s being still.

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Keeping Your Balance (and Stay Sane) This Holiday Season

Ah, the holidays….
The time for over-indulging, giving thanks, and sometimes, dealing with a lot of crap!.

Is there that one relative or family friend that seems to love to rattle your cage, push your buttons, and single you out for the Battle Royale at the dinner table during the holidays?

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Energetic Cords: Understanding the Energetic Ties that Bind (and Sometimes Gag!)

While living in Washington DC I fell in love deeply with a man that was destined to end from the beginning. He was a defense attache and had attachments that really precluded him from being in a relationship.

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What is Ancestral Karma? (And Why it Matters)

Pains, traumas, limiting beliefs, family paradigms imprint into our nervous systems, affecting our expression of who we truly are. The science of Epigenetics shows us that the traumas, burdens, struggles and unresolved emotions that imprinted our parent’s and ancestor's nervous systems can get passed down generation to generation. These imprints of the past weigh on us and limit our expression and experience of life. They prevent us from creating the life we truly desire. They can affect our health, our happiness, our abundance, our relationships, the ease, or lack of with which, we flow through life. Most of us live without ever begin aware of these 
invisible, yet confining imprints. 

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