What is Ancestral Karma? (And Why it Matters)

ancestral karma

Show of hands. How many of you reading this have faced challenges in your life, struggles that you can’t seem to shake and yet you cannot find a tangible ‘root cause’ of that challenge?

Pains, traumas, limiting beliefs, family paradigms imprint into our nervous systems, affecting our expression of who we truly are. The science of Epigenetics shows us that the traumas, burdens, struggles and unresolved emotions that imprinted our parent’s and ancestor's nervous systems can get passed down generation to generation. These imprints of the past weigh on us and limit our expression and experience of life. They prevent us from creating the life we truly desire. They can affect our health, our happiness, our abundance, our relationships, the ease, or lack of with which, we flow through life. Most of us live without ever begin aware of these 
invisible, yet confining imprints. 

Yes, you might look at your history with bad relationships and say “Well, I am a child of divorce.” You may say “I struggle with alcohol because my father struggled with alcohol.” or “Life is just tough. It’s HARD to make money.” or “I have bills like everyone else.”

These are simply belief systems. Sometimes, however, those belief systems are deeper than just us or this lifetime. Sometimes those belief systems are an effect of karma either from our previous lifetimes or throughout our ancestral lineage. Sometimes these belief systems can be the karmic ramifications of our ancestors.

Before we go forward we have to go back and explain karma.

Karma is very real and is a balance for universal laws. Together with the Creator of All That Is we have been given “free will” to create our lives in any way we choose; positive or negative. The quality of energy that is returned to us is dependent on whether our choices are aligned with universal laws. You see, karma isn’t the way most of us see it. It’s not meant to punish us for “bad” deeds but we cannot escape the consequences of those choices. Karma is simply the balance of “cause” and “effect” or like attracts like. Every action, every word and every thought is recorded in our soul’s energy field and will reflect the quality of our vibrational frequency. This is why many teachers including myself will remind you “thoughts become things.” Low vibrational choices, thoughts and words radiate a lot of “karma” or off pitched vibrations in our energy field that will need to be transmuted into a higher vibration in the future by deciding to become CONSCIOUS co-creators who choose from their own free will to align themselves with the integrity of the universal laws for the highest and best good of all involved. Once we decide to generate actions that evolve our soul’s, and we choose not to “revolve” in the same unconscious repetitive behavioral patterns, we will begin to raise our vibrational frequency. This shift in our energy will change the quality of our life circumstances and what is created for ourselves in the future based on the law of cause and effect.

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When you create karma for your self…..it is your karma, and you are responsible for balancing the distorted energy within your energy field. However, generational karma received from our lineage is embedded in the DNA that we incarnate into. This type of karma occurs because our family lines have had lifetimes of unconscious, repetitive patterns that they have had a hard time evolving out of. Generational or Ancestral karma is easy to figure out…..just look at your family patterns. Alcoholism, Food and Drug Addictions, Depression, Abuse, Racism, Strong Religious Beliefs, Victim Consciousness…..these are all aspects of generational karma we carry within our DNA that is still being played out today over and over again. However, you are not a victim! “YOU” chose your family lineage to incarnate into…..your parents did not choose you. You chose them and they agreed to the soul contract based on the soul lessons you wanted to learn from them. Our generational patterns and karma are the very things we are here to heal! When we heal these karmic imprints within ourselves, we open pathways within our genetic lineage to also do the same through their own free will choice. During this transformational time on Earth, many of us who are highly evolved souls, chose very difficult family lineages to incarnate into because it is these lineages that would provide us a tremendous amount of soul’s growth if we were able to break free from these patterns and it would also help our family lines break free from their bondage as well.

Whatever karma we have accumulated remains with us lifetime after lifetime until we heal the vibrational distortion within us. This is part of the laws of evolution. When we cross over into the spiritual dimensions, we are filled with The Creator’s unconditional love and a large portion of our being is purified. However, our karma, or off pitched vibrations within our energy fields, remains with us and this energy will determine the quality of our life in our next incarnation. This is why it is so important for us to not hang onto anger or live with bitterness because this will only harm us and could possibly create karma within our field. Once we understand the universal laws, we will see that nothing goes unnoticed in the world of energy and that all actions are recorded within the soul’s energy field so if someone has harmed us they will reap the return of their energy based on the law of cause and effect. In addition, if something negative happens to us…….what makes us think this is not the ramifications of our own energy being returned to us? Regardless of what  happens, it is easier to remain in a state of gratitude because a negative interaction with someone could be viewed as a gift from the universe that helped you balance your negative karma and heal the karmic misaim within your energy field so you could have a more balanced, loving future. With this knowledge you begin to understand that getting overly involved or attached to other people’s crises because we are all part of divine orchestration learning lessons and evolving and balancing our karma.

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I’ll give you a few examples of ancestral belief systems and of ancestral karma.

Let’s say your great-grandmother was a courtesan in her day. She broke many hearts and broke up many marriages and never had a stable loving relationship herself. In this lifetime you have a difficult time believing love can be lasting or stable and find yourself in one passionate relationship after another only to reach dramatic endings where you fall apart and look for another partner to pick up the pieces.

Your grandfather faced extreme poverty during the Depression era. In this life you grew up with parents who were always worried that there would never be enough money, lived paycheck to paycheck, struggled and always told you “money doesn’t grow on trees”. Now, even though you have a good paying job and desire to run your own business you are trapped believing that there isn’t a way for you to leave because there might not be enough business to sustain you. You stay in struggle mode for years trying one system after another, study Law of Attraction even try mindset training and can’t seem to break through to success.

You were born into moderate wealth as a result of trickery of your Great Great Grand Father who evicted peasants from their land. You’ve suffered with unexplained illnesses and business reversals of fortune.

Your great grandfather forced a poor neighbor to become a substitute in Army Draft, that person was killed in battle. You’ve seen many of your family members plagued by untimely or even violent deaths.

The last two examples may sound extreme but all of these examples are cases that have been dramatically shifted when we identified the pattern, belief or challenge, the karmic tie, the lesson to be learned and then healed the karma throughout the lineage.

During Ancestral/Generational Karma Energy Clearing sessions I faciliate deep energetic release work that help remove blocks, burdens and debris from your life and ancestral lineage, restoring physical, emotional and spiritual well-being at every level. 

Healing ancestral karma helps children and future children, brothers and sisters, parents, indeed the entire ancestral line heal from any negative paradigms present as by healing YOUR energy field of ancestral karma has a ripple effect of healing that paradigm present in any of your line. You shift your entire line to come as well!

There are many meditations available that help establish the foundations for healing. However, if you need a little help by someone who has experience digging deep into your line to uncover these imprints book a session with me today.

If you aren’t sure how Ancestral Karma effects you let’s have a conversation to see how we can best work together to help you further your goals and desires.