Full Super Blood Moon in Leo (and a Lunar Eclipse too...)

Full Super Blood Moon in Leo (and a lunar eclipse too....png

Full Super Blood Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo, January 20~ 21st

Think of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, this blotting out of the Moon, as a reset, as a cleansing, as a doorway at the end of a long stairway, waiting for you to open it and slip on through to the other side. Like a lion whose been slowly, silently, stalking through the night, ready to leap from the shadows and into the light.
Still, remember to tread carefully. For this sense of anticipation tends to bring feelings of restlessness and frustration to the surface. We all want our destinies to reveal themselves. But we must first reveal ourselves to our destinies. 
Which means we have work to do. From the deepest level of our souls. We are being called upon for transformation. For rebirth.
There is a feeling of culmination hanging thick in the air, of cycles coming to a close. These past 6 months have left us feeling scattered, and swollen with uncertainty. Now is the time to refocus and release. Naturally, this shift, this purge, will leave you feeling off balance and drained. It's messy stuff, this soul work. This is why it is important we understand these energies swirling within and around us, so we can face them with mindfulness and patience.
Remember, your wound is a womb from which you were made to bloom. But you have to put in the work. Until you do, any lower vibrations will throw off your frequencies, will drag you down and divert you. Patterns will continue to present themselves until you dismantle them. 
Ask yourself- what stirs your soul to dance? What brings your life full circle and makes you feel complete?
It is in the answers to these questions that you will hear your destiny whispering to you. 
Be silent, be still, and listen.
When you align yourself with your true calling, the universe responds.
Trust that all will unfold as it should. The right people, and the right opportunities, will come when you are ready to meet them.

Sunday January 20th or Monday January 21st  is a total Lunar Eclipse. On the west coast the moon will be entirely eclipsed starting at 8:40PM and in my part of the world at 6:49 am (4:40AM UTC). This is the first lunar eclipse of 2019 and, it. is. powerful.

This is a deeply transformative time. Eclipse energy is powerful enough to altar the direction of your life & propel you into a whole new phase.

Which coincides directly with the energy of the season.

Mid-winter is a hugely transformative time in our lives. This is the time when we are implementing all the changes & plans we dreamt about over winter.

Right now, these energies are combining to make this a massively turbulent time in our lives- a time of really intense growth & evolution.

This doesn’t always feel like a good thing. And doesn’t always look the way we intend or expect.

Lunar eclipses are powerful teachers. If changes need to be made in your life, this eclipse is going to set that in motion. It will push things along that could cause abrupt changes & endings.

Whatever comes up for you trust that you are exactly on your path.  You may not understand it, or can’t see why it’s happening but trust you are where you need to be.

The universe has your back. You are exactly in the right place at the right time for your destiny to reveal itself.

With this eclipse comes the final purge we need to make in our lives in order to enter fully into our next new beginning–which is coming with the arrival of spring.

So buckle up. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. Just remember to take extra gentle care of yourself & listen really closely to what your mind, body, and spirit needs.

And remember … a New You is being born. And anyone who’s given birth can tell you, being born can be messy, painful business. But oh what a beautiful experience in the end. And so worth it!!

Below are some journal prompts for you to help you honor your unveiling at this sacred time.

Blessed Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!


This eclipse brings the final purging/letting go that began with the last lunar eclipse in August 2017. This is an ideal time to revisit what was happening in your life at that time. (If you keep a journal, take some time to review what you wrote at that time.)

– What were you experiencing 6 months ago? What was happening in your life in August/September?

– What has changed in your life over the last 6 months?

– Was there anything you identified then as wanting or needing to let go of in order to grow? Have you? If not, how could you move forward with this?

– What do you need to let go of now in order to freely move forward in your life? What beliefs or assumptions are holding you back?

– What changes are you currently experiencing in your life? What is newly beginning?