Welcome to the medicine of the future, a form of healing which merges ancient wisdoms to provide a bespoke, consultative approach to spiritual healing that delivers fast track results.

Sophia Noelle founder of Elegant Alchemy is a gifted spiritual healer with over 25 year’s experience who has been dealing with an international A list clientele for many years. Only ever promoted by word of mouth, her partnership with Vanessa Elston has allowed her to finally expand her repertoire to reach a greater audience.

Elegant Alchemy bridges the divide between traditional new age therapies and provides a more consultative approach to healing. Our bespoke personalized sessions deliver a deep, heartfelt transformation, which take our clients back to their roots, healing emotional wounds and allowing them to move forward with renewed optimism and creativity.

A blissful and rewarding experience is not limited to a few lucky ones. It’s your birthright, your natural state of being!

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