We are Alchemy

Intuitive transformation for cosmic souls in magical bodies

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Here are a few things you should know about me…


am not your stereotypical healer or ‘spiritualist who speaks calmly or softly. I speak fast and am animated.

believe in cultivating real skin-in-the-game relationships with people by looking them in the eyes and seeing what they are all about.

refuse to settle for a life of unrealized dreams and barely there passions. I have never been terribly fond of rules.

will shamelessly quote everything from jazz to rap music, Practical Magic, and Dr. Who- often.

relentlessly pursue days filled with passion and freedom.

make very few plans preferring to surrender to life’s unfolding.

am no angel. I like getting my halo dirty!

have been a ‘gypsy’ most of my life.

never met an Indian restaurant that I didn’t like and will always stop what I am doing for a good chai.

believe that stories are medicine, connection is worth nurturing, and aliveness is worth cultivating.

know that while living a spiritual life is a beautiful thing, allowing embodiment of your humanness will rock your world!

believe that absolutely anyone from anywhere can be exactly whatever they want to be if they get out of their own way.

don’t sugarcoat and I will tell you the TRUTH as I see it and feel it


refuse to die without living a juicy life.

guide and mentor other conscious, cosmic, courageous women who are refusing that too.

I am not a guru. I am not going to “fix” you.

I am a guide. I am on your team.

And I'm going to support your expansion.

S what you do is beyond words. I knew from the bottom of my heart I could do this, but you gave me the gift of unlocking my own power being able to actually realize it. I have tried several coaches, but have never met someone like you handing me over the right path to walk and when we can’t solve the situation - no matter if it’s business or private stuff - with your coaching tools, you use your razor sharp spiritual abilities to look underneath the surface. That combination is so unique and priceless to get the results I want. No nonsense, no sugar coating, straight to the core.
— Anja Bay

Let me make this easy for you

Here’s what you do next…


Choose Your


If you…

  • are repeating negative patterns over and over and don’t know why.

  • are at a crossroads in your life

  • have a desire to connect with, to know and to align with your life’s purpose

  • have recurring health challenges that seem to have no root

  • searching for healing from unresolved physical, emotional or mental trauma

  • need wisdom and guidance on an impending or desired life change

If you…

  • feel like there’s more room for life in your life

  • are ready to switch out of auto-pilot to full on, break old habits, and make conscious decisions towards a life on purpose.

  • are yearning for more awakened relationships

  • are ready to be fully expressed in who you really are

  • are ready to create wild freedom in every area of your life- your body, business & bedroom

  • just need the right tools and support to get there



Kind Words

from my amazing clients!